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James H. Varner,
Commercial Manager,
Houston, TX

The Diamond Quality Leadership Program developed by Mark is exceptionally well conceived and applicable to every manager at every level. My favorite aspect of the program is how concise and focused the program is on a leader’s behavior. By focusing on the six leadership behaviors a leader can instantaneously become more effective. Following the class I have proudly displayed the diamond and six behavior foundation from the class on my desk.

The diamond is the best ice breaker because people always wonder what the “diamond” is all about sitting on my desk. Depending on the audience at my desk, I can jump into a variety of conversations about the leadership behaviors and how they have shaped me as a person and an effective leader. Each person that has entered my office and discussed the “diamond” has instantly been impressed with the moral compass that exudes from that discussion. Trust between myself and the person is immediately enhanced and they often change their perceptions about me as a leader entirely. It also gives me the chance to correlate the behaviors that they have witnessed in the real world to the six foundational behaviors.

Mark’s insight into the six foundational behaviors has changed how I look at leadership and has modeled my behavior as a leader for going on 10 years. Mark is a fabulous mentor, down to earth teacher, and is an exceptionally insightful career coach. This is the leadership program where you can daily “practice what you preach”.

Joseph Bowers,
Executive Vice President,
Greater St. Louis, MO

I have worked with Mark for many years at Team. Mark is a topnotch leader, mentor, and Teacher. His outlook, views and method in Leadership are spot on. Although learning Mark's Diamond Quality Leadership techniques helped me grow as a leader, it is the way that Mark has the ability to connect with people he is teaching that is truly his gift. I highly recommend Mark as a great leader and teacher as well as his Diamond Quality Leadership books and Methodology. Mark is a great Man.

Jason Box,
Vice President,
Houston, TX

As a senior leader within my organization, I find that the sheer volume of inputs creates “noise” that can disrupt a manager’s ability to focus and lead their team in achieving goals. I attended Mark Hinderliter’s Diamond Quality Leadership workshop and found it to be a practical approach to focusing on key matters, finding the courage to act and lead others by serving. The Diamond Quality process is one that I have applied to numerous management challenges and in times when I need to “get out of the weeds” on specific issues. It also reminds us to work with passion and remember that work can still be fun. I recommend the Diamond Quality Leadership workshop to junior and senior leaders in any industry to ground them on the fundamentals of being a good leader.

Natalie Perez,
Human Resources Manager,
Houston TX

I am grateful to have had the experience to be managed by Mark while I worked at Team Industrial Services. He is an amazing mentor and leader! He understands the needs of his team and how to position their talents to meet organizational goals. His development of the Diamond Quality Leadership program sets the tone and standard for managers to become great leaders! I have seen first-hand the transformation of a manager to a true leader after taking his class.

Theresa Habina McGlinchey,
Human Resource Manager,
Greater Philadelphia, PA

First, let me explain that Mark was chosen to rollout and present a newly designed Supervisor's Workshop for our frontline supervisors and managers in our Sector, Climate Control Technologies, Ingersoll Rand. We're very sensitive to outsourcing these trainings because we value so highly our interaction with our employees. However, Mark Hinderliter exceeded all of our expectations and we knew that the same message was presented across the country. No matter what location or state I'm visiting, all of our employees rave about their supervisor training. Now that is a difficult task to accomplish, but Mark is a true professional, extraordinary in his absorption of our values and materials and brilliant in his delivery. It's very difficult in a large organization to achieve such goals, and we owe Mark so much in helping us with this valuable and critical training to our employees. He is able to embrace an organization's focus and culture and deliver their message in his very capable and confident style. This program would never have had the effect we've received nor the impact on our employees if it had not been delivered by Mark. He has truly gained our absolute trust, respect and continued admiration.